Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Comment dire / what is the word
Catalogue The transcriptions of the documents in this genetic edition are identified with the numbers of the manuscripts at the Beckett Archive, University of Reading (UoR). A full bibliographical description is made by Julian Garforth, Mary Bryden, and Peter Mills in Beckett at Reading: Catalogue of the Beckett Manuscripts Collection at the University of Reading (Reading: Whiteknights Press and the Beckett International Foundation, 1998). The following survey of the Comment dire / what is the word manuscripts only mentions the main bibliographical characteristics, indicating the type of document and inscriptions (copybook, holograph manuscript, typescript, carbon copy), the number of leaves, and the date (if indicated). MS 3316/1 'Sporting-Herakles' exercise book, 34 leaves; manuscript material on folio 1verso - folio 4recto. The rest of the copybook consists of blank pages. MS 10948-1-707 A letter to Barbara Bray contains a holograph fair copy of Comment dire (TCD 10948-1-707r), with a false start (title underlined and the first three lines crossed out) on page 707v. The envelope is postmarked 30 October 1988. This version, chronologically situated between the 2 versions on MS 3316/1 f. 4r, has an extra 'folie' and an extra -e in 'vouloire' [sic] on line 31, and a deletion ('vouloir cr') toward the end of the text. MS 3317 Uncorrected typescript; same text as the last version in copybook MS 3316/1, f.4r 1 leaf MS 3506 Photocopied computer printout of uncorrected typescript of what is the word; 1 leaf