Samuel Beckett
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Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0184] with the old eyes to come, there is of course the house on the
canal where mother lay dying, in the early autumn, after her long
widowhood, and the
[0207] bench by the weir from where I could see her

Segment 2

[0208] I sat there, wishing she were gone.[0208|001] Day after day.[0210] Quite
a number of people I got to know then, oh I mean by appearance, nursemaids
and children, old men, dogs.
[0211] One dark young woman beauty I remember par-
ticularly, [] all white and starch [] with a big balack pram.
[0211|001] Day after day.[0212] Whenever I looked in
her direction she always had her eyes on me.
[0213] And yet But when at last
I ventured[] was foolish enough to speak to her she threatened to call a policeman.
[0217] The
face she had,!
[0218] eEyes [0219] like...moonstones.

Segment 3

[0223] I was there when -o - 5(hHe
switches off, broods, wswitches on again
)- the blind went down, one
of those dirty brown roller affairs, throwing a ball fo r a for a
dog as it happened [Stet.] I was.
[0224] I looked up and there it was.[0225] Over at last.[0226] I sat a for a few
moment or so with the ball in my hand and the dog barking and pawing at
me. []
[0228] []Moments ...[0228|001] (Pause.)[0229] Her moments. My moments.[0230] (Pause.)[0233] In the x end Then I held it out to him and he took it in his mouth, very
[0234] An old tennis ball, black and sodden, but unpunctured.
[0235] ( (Pause.)[0236] I wonder how much there is there.) will that ever mean anything.
[0243] Pause.

Segment 4

[0244] Intellecytually a year of deep discouragement gloom profound gloom until that wonderful night in
March, at the end of the pier, in the high wind, when suddenly I
saw the whole thing.
[0245] The turning-point, at last.[][0246] This, I realized over my wine, I imagine is what I have
chiefly to record set down this evening, against the day when my work will
be done and perhaps no place left in my memory, and no thankful-
ness, fotr ethe moment miracle that -made it possible[]. - (Pause) - for the fire that set it alight.[]
[0247] What I saw then was that
the assumtpition I had been going on all these years, my life, namely that -
[0248] (He switches off machine impatiently, winds tape forward, switches
on again

Segment 5

[0249] - granite rocks the foam flying up in the light of the
beacon and the anemometer spinning like a propellor, clear to me
at last that the dark I had have struggled to keep out of my work at bay
is in rreality its the true my most valuable - -
[0250] (He curses, switches off, winds tape for-
xward, switches on again
[0251] - strange association till my dying day
of storm and night with the light of understanding and the peace -
[0252] (He curses louder, switches off, winds tape forward, switches on

Segment 6

[0253] - my face in her breasts and my hand on her.[0254] We lay there
without moving.
[0255] But underneath us all moved, and moved us, up
gently, up and down, and to and fro. from side to side.
[0256] Pause.
[0257] Past midnight.[0258] Never knew such a silence.
[0260] Pause.
[0261] The coming year will decide. May I be given the strength and the - Here I end this -
[0262] He switches off, winds tape back, switches on again.

Segment 7

[0263] - upper lake, with the punt, bathed off the bank, then pushed out
into the strream and drifted.
[0264] She lay stretched out on the floor-
boards with her hands under her head and her eyes closed.
[0265] Hot Blazing sun,
with a bit of a breeze, and the water nice and lively.
[0266] I noticed
a scratch on her thigh and asked her how she got it.
[0267] Picking gosose-
berries, she said.
[0268] I said again I thought it was hopeless and no
good going on, and she agreed, without opening her eyes.
I asked

Segment 8

[0270] I asked

Addition 1
all white and starch []
Addition 2
Addition 3
[0228] []Moments ... [0228|001] (Pause.) [0229] Her moments. My moments. [0230] (Pause.) In the x end
Addition 4
[0241] Pause
[0242] Bowels are better on the whole.
[0243] Pause
Addition 5
The turning-point, at last.[]
Addition 6
- (Pause) - for the fire that set it alight.[]
Addition 7
my most valuable -
Metamark 1
Metamark: Stet. Note: \'Stet.\' in the left margin.
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