Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0270] her to look at me and after a moment or so [/] - pause - after a moment or so she did, but her
eyes just slits, because of the glare.
[0271] I leant bent over her to get
them in the shadow and they opened.
[0272] (Pause.)[0276] We drifted in among the
reeds and got stuck.
[0277] The way they went down sank bent, sighing, under before the blunt
[0279] I lay down across her with my face in her breats breasts and
my hand on her.
[0280] We lay without moving.[0281] But under us all moved, and
moved us, up and down, and frrom side to side.

Segment 2

[0282] Pause.
[0283] Past midnight.[0284] Never knew -
[0285] He switches off, sits brooding, [0286] fumblesi in feels in fumbles in his waistcoat pockets, takes out
an old enbvelope, fumbles, puts back the envelope,[/] looks at his watch, gtes up and goes
right into shadows.
[0287] Ten seconds. [0288] Sound of bottle against glass, then
brief siphon.
[0289] Ten seconds. [0290] Bottle against glass alone. [0291] Fifteen
[0292] He comes back front left into light, with an unused tape
in his hand, sits down, takes tape off machine and lays it on table,
puts other tape on machine, takes envelope from his pocket, lays it
on the table, switches on and begins to record

Segment 3

[0293] Just been listening to that stupid bastard I was 30 years ago,
find it hard to believe I was ever as bad as that.
[0296] The eyes she
[0297] (Broods, realizes he is recording silence, swithcches off,
[0299] Everything there, everything, all the -[0300] (Realizes this
is not being recorded, switches on
[0301] Everything there, every-bleed-
ing thing
[]thing on earth,, all the light and dark of the fxxd
vice and spirit crystal and sorrow
and rejoicing
[0305] Let
that go!
[0306] Jesus![0307] Take his mind off his homework![0308] Jesus![0309] (Pause.)[0311] Ah
well, maybe he was right.
[0312] (Pause.)[0313] Maybe he was right.[0314] (Broods.

Segment 4

[0316] Switches off. [0317] Consults envelope. [0319] Crumples it and throws it away.
[0320] Broods. [0321] Switches on.
[0322] Not a thing to tell Nothing to say.[0323] What's a year now?[0324] Reverie and obstipation[] galloping constipation..
[0326] gloried in the word spool[0331] Seventeen copies sold, one pound six and something, eight probably.
[0332] Getting known xx.[0336] Carrawled out once or twice, before the summer was
[0337] Sat in the park in the middle of the brats and skivvies,
dreaming and wishing I were gone.
[0340] Last fancies.[0342] Swore to fight keep them
off at bay.
[0342|001] Aspirations.[0342|002] Resolutions.[0344] Burnst the eyes out of me reading
Effie again, a page a day, with tearrs again.

Segment 5

[0347] Could have been happy
with her, up there on the cold sea, and the pines, and the dunes.
[0348] (Pause.)[0355] Fanny came in a couple of times.[0356] Fat old whore.[0357] Couldn't
do much, but better than nothing.
[0358] The last time wasn't so bad.[0359] How
do you do it, she said, at your age?
[0360] I told her I'd been saving up
for her all my life.
[0361] (Pause.)[0362] Went to vespers once, like when I
was a child
first time since I was a boy left school,.
[0367] Slept.[0368] (Pause.)[0369] Sometimes wondered in the night if a
last effort mightn't -
[0370] (Pause.)[0371] Empty the bottle now and get to
your bed.
[0372] Finish this vomit puke tomorrow?.[0373] Or mleave it at that.[0374] (Pause.)

Segment 6

[0375] Leave it at that.[0376] (Pause.)[0377] Lie propped up on my back in the dark,
and wanderroam.
[0377|001] (Pause.)[0378] Be again in the dingle on a Xmas Eve, picking
[0379] (Pause.)[0380] Be again on Croghan on a Sunday morning with the dog[], in the snow
snow, with the bitch [] stop and listen to the bells.
[0381] (Pause.)[0382] And so on.[0383] (Pause.)
[0384] Be again.[0385] (Pause.)[0386] All that old misery.[0387] (Pause.)[0388] Once wasn't enough.
[0389] (Pause.)[0390] Lie down across her.[0391] (Long pause.
He suddenly bends to
machine, switches off, wrenches off tape, throws it away, puts on

Segment 7

[0392] He suddenly bends to
machine, switches off, wrenches off tape, throws it away, puts on

Addition 1
- pause - after a moment or so
Addition 2
thing on earth,
Addition 3
vice and spirit crystal and sorrow
and rejoicing
Addition 4
gloried in the word spool
Addition 5
[0348|001] Chinese (Chinks) occupied Dublin. Poor devils.
Addition 6
Addition 7
with the bitch
Doodle 4
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