Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0003] Front centre,[0004] sitting on a small plain wooden chair before
a small plain wooden table, X.
[0004] Little wearish old man

Segment 2

[0022] Crapp sits a moment motionless, looks at his watch, feels in his
waistcoat pockets, takes out a small bunch takes out an envelope,
puts it back, feels, takes out a small bunch of keys, h
raises it close to his eyes, chooses a key, gets up and moves to
front of table.

Segment 3

[0023] He stoops, unlocks a drawer, peers into it,
feels about inside it, closes it, locks it, opens the other,
peers into it, feels about inside, takes out a large banana .,
He locks draw closes and locks drawer, puts keys back
in his pocket.
[0024] He turns, advances to edge of stage, halts, shows the audience the holds out banana for audience to see, peels it banana
banana, droops the skin, bites off the end sucks the end
puts the end of the banana in his mouth, staring
vacuously before him.

Segment 4

[0025] He turns aside and starts
walking to and fro at edge of stage, eating banana
and meditating x
in light, i.e. not more than
4 paces 4 or five paces in either direction, eating
banana and meditation.

Segment 5

[0026] He treads on skin, slips,
nearly falls, recovers himself, pushes skin with his
foot over edge of stage into pit,

Segment 6

[0027] resumes his pacing,
finishes banana, retu returns to table, opens wrong takes keys from his pocket, raises them to his eyes,
chooses key, un unlocks and opens wrong drawer, peers and feels inside,
locks it, unlocks and opens other drawer, takes out a
second banana, locks drawer, x puts keys back in his pocket,
turns, advances to x edge of stage, peels banana, puts skin
in his pocket, puts the end of banana in his mouth, staring
vacuously before him.

Segment 7

[0028] He has a sudden idea, drops banana
at his feet, turns and goes backstage into dark.
[0029] Ten seconds.[0030] Loud pop of cork.[0031] Ten seconds.[0032] He comes back
into light, sits down at table. wiping his mouth, sits down
at table.
[0033] He wipes his mouth, wipes his hands
on his waistcoat, brings them smartly together,
rubs them them together.

Segment 8

[0034] (briskly)[0035] Ah![0036] (He bends over ledger, turns the pages,
finds the entry he wants, reads.)
[0036|001] Etc

Addition 1
chooses key,
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