Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0027] front of table, unlocks second drawer, takes out a second
large banana, peers at it, locks drawer, puts back keys
in his pocket, turns, advances to edge of stage, halts,
strokes banana, peels it, tosses skin into pit, puts end
of banana in his mouth and remains motionless, staring
vacuously before him.

Segment 2

[0028] Finally he has an idea, puts banana
in his waistcoat pocket, the end emerging, and goes with all
the speed he can muster backstage into darkness.
[0029] Ten seconds.
[0030] Loud pop of cork.[0031] Fifteen seconds.[0032] He comes back into light
carrying an old ledger and sits down at table.
[0033] He lays ledger
on table, wipes his mouth, wipes his hands on the frontof
front of his waistcoat, brings them smartly together and
rubs them.

Segment 3

[0034] (briskly).[0035] Ah![0036] (He bends over ledger, turns the pages, finds
the entry he wants, reads
[0037] Box...thrree...spool...five.
[0038] (He raises his head and stares front. [0039] With relish.)[0040] Spool![0041] (Pause.)
[0042] Spooool![0043] (Happy smile. [0044] Pause. [0045] He bends over table, starts
peering and poking at the boxes
[0046] Box...thrree...thrree...
four...two...(with surprise) nine! good God!!
the little rascal!
[0047] (He takes up box, peers at it.)

Segment 4

[0048] Box
[0049] (He lays it on table, opens it and peers at spools
[0050] Spool...(he peers at ledger)...five...(he peers
at spools
)...five...five...ah! the little scoundrel!
[0051] (-He
takes out a spool, peers at it
[0052] Spool five.[0053] (He lays it on
table, closes box three, puts it back with the others, takes
up the spool
[0054] Box thrree, spool five.

Segment 5

[0055] (He bends over the
mahchine, looks up.
[0056] With relish.)[0057] Spooool![0058] (Happy smile. [0059] He
bends, loads spool on machine, rubs his hands
[0060] Ah![0061] (He peers
at ledger, reads entry at foot of page
[0062] Mother at rest at
[0063] Hm...[0064]The black ball...[0065](He raises his head, stares
blankly front.
[0066] Puzzled.)[0067] Black ball?...[0068](He peers again at
ledger, reads
[0069] The dark nurse...

Segment 6

[0070] (He raises his head, broods,
peers again at ledger
[0071] Slight improvement in bowel con-
[0072]Hm...[0073]Memorable...what?[0074] (He peers closer.)[0075] Equinox,
memorable equinox.
[0076] (He raises his head, stares blankly front.
[0077] Puzzled.)[0078] Memorable equinox?...[0079](Pause. [0080] He shrugs his should-
ers, peers again at ledger, reads
[0081] Farewell to - (he turns
the page
) - love.

Segment 7

[0082] He raises his head, broods, bends over machine, switches on
and assumes listening posture, i.e. leaning forward, elbows
on table, hand cupping ear towards machine, face front

Segment 8

[0083] (strong voice, rather pompous, clearly Krapp's at a much
earlier time
[0084] Thirty-nine today, sound as a -[0085] (Settling
himself more comfortably he knocks one of the bioxes off
the table, curses, switches off, sweeps boxes and ledger
violently to the ground, winds tape back to beginning,
switches on, eresumes posture
Thirty-nine today, sound
as a bell, apart from my old weakness, and intellectually

Segment 9

[0086] Thirty-nine today, sound
as a bell, apart from my old weakness, and intellectually

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