Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0213] to her - not having been introduced - she threatened to
call a policeman.
[0214] As if I had designs on her virtue![0215] (Laugh.)
[0217] The face she had![0218] The eyes![0219] Like...(hesitates)...chrysolite!
[0221] Ah well...[0222](Pause.)[0223] I was there when - (Krapp switches off,
broods, switches on again
) - the blind went down, one of
those dirty brown roller affairs, throwing a ball for a
witre-haired fox-terrier, as chance would have it.

Segment 2

[0224] I happened
to look up and there it was.
[0225] All over and done with, at
[0226] I sat on for a few moments with the ball in my hand
and the dog yelping and pawing at me.
[0227] (Pause.)[0228] Moments.
[0229] My mo Her moments, my moments.[0230] (Pause.)[0231] The dog's moments.

Segment 3

[0232] (Pause.)[0233] In the end I held it out to him and he took it in
his mouth, gently, gently.
[0234] A small, old, black, solid rubber
[0235] (Pause.)[0236] I shall feel it, in my hand, until my dying
[0237] (Pause.)[0238] I might have kept it.[0239] (Pause.)[0240] But I gave it
to the dog ! dog.
[0241] Pause.

Segment 4

[0242] Ah well...
[0243] Pause.
[0244] Spiritually a year of profound gloom and indigence until
that memorable night in March, at the end of the jetty, in
the howling wind, never to be forgotten, when suddenly I
saw the whole thing.
[0245] The vision, at last.

Segment 5

[0246] This I imagine
is what I have chiefly to record this evening, against the
day when my work will be done and perhaps no place left
in my memory, warm or cold, for the miracle that...(hesitat
(hesitates)?.. (hesitates)...for the fire that set it
[0247] What I suddenly saw then was this, that the belief
I had been going on all my life, namely -

Segment 6

[0248] (Krapp switches
off impatiently, winds tape forward, switches on again
[0249] -
great granite rocks the foam flying up in the light of
the lighthouse and the wind-gauge spinning like a propellor,
clear to me at last that the dark I have always struggled
to keep under is in reality my most -

Segment 7

[0250] (Krapp curses, switches
off, winds tape forward, switches on again
[0251] - unshatterable
association until my dissolution of night storm and night
with the light of the understanding and the fire -
[0252] (Krapp
curses louder, switches off, winds tape forward, switches
on again

Segment 8

[0253] - my face in her breasts and my hand on her.[0254] We
lay there without moving.
[0255] But under us all moved, and
moved us, gently, up and down, and from side to side.
[0256] Pause.
[0257] Past midnight.[0258] Never knew such silence.[0259] The earth might
be uninhabited.

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