Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0396] after a few moments she - (pause) - after a few moments
she did, but the eyes just slits, because of the glare.
[0397] I bent over her to get them in the shadow and they opened.
[0398] (Pause. [0399] Low.)[0400] Let me in.[0401] (Pause.)[0402] We drifted in among the
flags and stuck.
[0403] The way they went down, sighing, before
the stem!
[0404] (Pause.)

Segment 2

[0405] I lay down across her with my face in
her breasts and my hand on her.
[0406] We lay without moving.[0407] But
under us all moved, and moved us, gently, up and down, and
from side to side.
[0408] Pause. [0409] Krapp's lips move. [0410] No sound.
[0411] Past midnight.[0412] Never knew such silence.[0413] The earth
might be uninhabited.

Segment 3

[0414] Pause.
[0415] Here I end this reel.[0416] Box - (pause) - three, spool - (pause) -
[0416|001] (Perhaps.)[0417] (Pause.)[0418] Perhaps my best years are gone.
[0419] When there was a chance of happiness.[0420] But I wouldn't want
them back.
[0421] Not with the fire in me now.[0422] No, I wouldn't
want them back.
[0423] Krapp motionless staring before him. [0424] The tapes runs on
in silence

Segment 4

[0425] Curtain

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