Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0001] A Late evening in the future.
[0002] KRAPP'S den.
[0003] Front C. a small table, the two drawers of which open towards the

[0004] Sitting at the table, facing front, i.e. across from the drawers, a
wearish old man:

Segment 2

[0005] Rusty black narrow trousers too short for him.[0006] Rusty black sleeve-
less waistcoat, four capacious pockets.
[0007] Heavy silver watch and chain.
[0008] Grimy white shirt open at neck, no collar.[0009] Surprising pair of dirty
white boots, size ten at least, very narrow and pointed.

[0010] White face.[0011] Purple nose.[0012] Disordered grey hair.[0013] Unshaven.
[0014] Very near-sighted (but unspectacled).[0015] Hard of hearing.
[0016] Cracked voice.[0017] Distinctive intonation.
[0018] Laborious walk.

Segment 3

[0019] On the table a tape-recorder with microphone and a number of
cardboard boxes containing reels of recorded tapes.
[0020] Table and immediately adjacent area in strong white light.[0021] Rest
of stage in darkness.

Segment 4

[0022] KRAPP remains a moment motionless, heaves a great sigh, looks at
his watch, fumbles in his pockets, takes out an envelope, puts it back,
fumbles, takes out a small bunch of keys, raises it to his eyes,
chooses a key, gets up and moves to front of table.

Segment 5

[0023] He stoops, un-
locks first drawer, peers into it, feels about inside it, takes out a reel
of tape, peers at it, puts it back, locks drawer, unlocks second drawer,
peers into it, feels about inside it, takes out a large banana, peers at
it, locks drawer, puts keys back in his pocket,
[0024] He turns, advances to
edge of stage, halts, strokes banana, peels it, drops skin at his feet,
puts end of banana in his mouth and remains motionless, staring
vacuously before him.
[0025] Finally he bites off the end, turns aside and

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