Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0001] A late evening in the future.
[0002] KRAPP's den.
[0003] Off centre a small table, one drawer on
side audience right, unlocked.
[0003|001] No keys.
[0004] Sitting at the table, facing front, a
wearish old man: KRAPP.

Segment 2

[0005] Rusty black narrow trousers too short
for him.
[0006] Rusty black sleeveless waistcoat,
four capacious pockets.
[0007] Heavy silver watch
and chain.
[0008] Grimy white shirt open at neck,
no collar.
[0009] Surprising pair of dirty white
boots, size ten at least, very narrow and

Segment 3

[0010] White face.[0012] Disordered grey hair.[0013] Un-
[0014] Very near-sighted (but unspectacled).
[0015] Hard of hearing.[0016] Cracked voice.[0017] Distinctive
[0018] Laborious walk.
[0019] Table bare.
[0020] Table and immediately adjacent area in
strong white light.
[0021] Rest of stage in darkness.

Segment 4

[0022] KRAPP remains a moment motionless,
heaves a great sigh, looks at his watch,
fumbles in his pockets, gets up and moves
to side of table.
[0023] He stoops, opens drawer,
peers into it, feels about inside it, takes
out a large banana.
[0024] He turns, advances to
edge of stage, halts, strokes banana, peels
it, drops skin at his feet, puts end of
banana in his mouth and remains motionless,
staring vacuously before him.

Segment 5

[0025] Finally he
bites off the end, turns aside and begins
pacing to and fro at edge of stage, in the
light, i.e. not more than four or five paces
either way, meditatively eating banana.
[0026] He treads on skin, slips, nearly falls,
recovers himself, stoops and peers at
skin and finally picks it up and throws it
away backstage audience right.
[0027] He resumes
his pacing, finishes banana, broods,

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