Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0065] (He raises his head, stares blankly

Segment 2

[0066] (puzzled)[0067] Black ball?...[0068] (he peers again at
ledger, reads)
[0069] The dark nurse...[0070] (he raises his
head, broods, peers again at ledger, reads)
[0071] Slight
improvement in bowel condition...
[0072] Hm...[0073]Memor-
[0074] (he peers closer)[0075] Equinox, memor-
able equinox.
[0076] (he raises his head, stares blankly
[0077] Puzzled)[0078] Memorable equinox?...

Segment 3

[0079] (Pause.[0080] He shrugs his shoulders, peers
again at ledger, reads)
[0081] Farewell to - (he turns page) - love.

Segment 4

[0082] (He raises his head, broods, bends over
machine, switches on and assumes
listening posture, i.e. leaning forward,
elbows on table, hand cupping ear towards
machine, face front.
[0082|001] (Action interrupted by first look over left
shoulder into darkness backstage) )

Segment 5

[0083] (strong voice, rather pompous, clearly KRAPP's
at a much earlier time)
[0084] Thirty-nine today, sound
as a -

Segment 6

[0085] (Settling himself more comfortably he
knocks one of the boxes off the table,
curses, switches off, sweeps boxes and
ledger violently to the ground, winds
tape back to beginning, switches on, re-
sumes posture)

Segment 7

[0086] Thirty-nine today, sound as a bell, apart from my
old weakness, and intellectually I have now every
reason to suspect at the...(hesitates) ...crest
of the wave - or thereabouts.
[0087] Celebrated the awful
occasion, as in recent years, quietly at the Wine-
[0088] Not a soul.[0089] Sat before the fire with closed
eyes, separating the grain from the husks.

Segment 8

[0090] Jotted
down a few notes, on the back of an envelope.
[0091] Good
to be back in my den, in my old rags.
[0092] Have just
eaten I regret to say three bananas and only with
difficulty refrained from a fourth.
[0093] Fatal things for a
man with my condition.
[0094] (vehemently)[0095] Cut 'em out!
[0096] (pause)[0097] The new light above my table is a great

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