Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0190] dictionary, lays it on table, sits down
and looks up the word)

[0191] (reading from dictionary)[0192] State - or condition -
of being - or remaining - a widow - or widower.
[0193] (looks up.[0194] Puzzled)[0195] Being - or remaining?...

[0196] (Pause.[0197] He peers again at dictionary.
[0198] Reading):

Segment 2

[0199] 'Deep weeds of viduity.' ...[0200] Also of an animal,
especially a bird...the vidua or weaver-bird...
[0201] Black plumage of male...[0202](he looks up.[0203] With relish)
[0204] The vidua-bird!

[0205] (Pause.[0206] He closes dictionary, switches
on, resumes listening posture)

Segment 3

[0207] - bench by the weir from where I could see her win-
[0208] There I sat, in the biting wind, wishing she
were gone.
[0209] (pause)[0210] Hardly a soul, just a few
regulars, nursemaids, infants, old men, dogs, I
got to know them quite well - oh by appearance of
course I mean!

Segment 4

[0211] One dark young beauty I recollect
particularly, all white and starch, incomparable
bosom, with a big black hooded perambulator, most
funereal thing.
[0212] Whenever I looked in her direction she
had her eyes on me.
[0213] And yet when I was bold enough to
speak to her - not having been introduced - she threatened
to call a policeman.
[0214] As if I had designs on her virtue!

Segment 5

[0215] (laugh.[0216] Pause)[0217] The face she had![0218] The eyes![0219] Like
[0220] (pause)[0221] Ah well...
[0222] (pause)[0223] I was there when - (KRAPP switches off,
broods, switches on again) - the blind went down, one
of those dirty brown roller affairs, throwing a ball
for a little white dog as chance would have it.
[0224] I
happened to look up and there it was.
[0225] All over and done
with, at last.
[0226] I sat on for a few moments with the ball
in my hand and the dog yelping and pawing at me.

Segment 6

[0227] (pause)[0228] Moments.[0229] Her moments, my moments.
[0230] (pause)[0231] The dog's moments.[0232] (pause)[0233] In the end
I held it out to him and he took it in his mouth, gently,
[0234] A small, old, black, hard, solid rubber ball.
[0235] (pause)[0236] I shall feel it, in my hand, until my dying
[0237] (pause)[0238] I might have kept it.[0239] (pause)[0240] But I
gave it to the dog.

Segment 7

[0241] (Pause)

[0242] Ah well...

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