Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0293] ever as bad as that.[0293|001] The voice![0293|002] Jesus![0294] Thank
God that's all done with anyway.
[0295] (pause)[0296] The
eyes she had!

[0297] (Broods, realizes he is recording
silence, switches off, broods.
[0298] Finally):

Segment 2

[0299] Everything there, everything, all the -[0300] (realizes
this is not being recorded, switches on)
[0301] Everything
there, everything on this old muckball, all the light
and dark and famine and feasting of...(hesitates)
...the ages!
[0302] (in a shout)[0303] Yes![0304] (pause)[0305] Let
that go!
[0306] Jesus![0307] Take his mind off his homework!
[0308] Jesus![0309] (pause.[0310] Weary)[0311] Ah well, maybe he was
[0312] (pause)[0313] Maybe he was right.

Segment 3

[0314] (Broods.[0315] Realizes.[0316] Switches off.[0317] Con-
sults envelope)

[0318] Pah![0319] (crumples it and throws it away)

[0320] (Broods.[0321] Switches on)

Segment 4

[0322] Nothing to say, not a squeak.[0323] What's a year now?
[0324] The sour cud and the iron stool.[0325] (pause)[0326] Revelled
in the word spool.
[0327] (with relish)[0328] Spooool![0329] Happiest
moment of the past half million.
[0330] (pause)[0331] Seventeen
copies sold, of which eleven at trade price to free
circulating libraries beyond the seas.
[0332] Getting known.

Segment 5

[0333] (pause)[0334] One pound six and something, eight I have
little doubt.
[0335] (pause)[0336] Crawled out once or twice,
before the summer was cold.
[0337] Sat shivering in the
park, drowned in dreams and burning to be gone.
[0338] Not a soul.[0339] (pause)[0340] Last fancies.[0341] (vehemently)
[0342] Keep 'em under![0343] (pause)[0344] Scalded the eyes out of
me reading Effie again, a page a day, with tears

Segment 6

[0345] Effie...[0346](pause)[0347] Could have been happy with
her, up there on the Baltic, and the pines, and the
[0348] (pause)[0349] Could I?[0350] (pause)[0351] And she?
[0352] (pause)[0353] Pah![0354] (pause)[0355] Fanny came in a couple of
[0356] Bony old ghost of a whore.[0357] Couldn't do much,
but I suppose better than a kick in the crutch.

Segment 7

[0358] The
last time wasn't so bad.
[0359] How do you manage it, she
said, at your age?
[0360] I told her I'd been saving up for
her all my life.
[0361] (pause)[0362] Went to Vespers once, like
when I was in short trousers.

[0363] (Pause.[0364] Sings):

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