Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0083] (strong voice, rather pompous, clearly
Krapp's at a much earlier time
[0084] Thirty-
nine today, sound as a–
[0085](Settling himself
more comfortably he knocks one of the
boxes off the table, curses, switches off,
sweeps boxes and ledger violently to the
ground, winds tape back to beginning,
switches on, resumes posture.

Segment 2

[0086] Thirty-
nine today, sound as a bell, apart from my
old weakness, and intellectually I have
now every reason to suspect at the ...
(hesitates) ... crest of the wave–or

Segment 3

[0087] Celebrated the awful
occasion, as in recent years, quietly at the
[0088] Not a soul.[0089] Sat before the fire
with closed eyes, separating the grain from
the husks.
[0090] Jotted down a few notes, on the
back of an envelope.
[0091] Good to be back in
my den, in my old rags.

Segment 4

[0092] Have just eaten I
regret to say three bananas and only with
difficulty refrained from a fourth.
[0093] Fatal
things for a man with my condition.
[0094] (Vehemently.)[0095] Cut 'em out![0096] (Pause.)[0097] The
new light above my table is a great
[0098] With all this darkness round

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