Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0098] me I feel less alone.[0099] (Pause.)[0100] In a way.
[0101] (Pause.)[0102] I love to get up and move about
in it, then back here to ... (hesitates) ...
[0103] (Pause.)[0104] Krapp.

Segment 2

[0105] Pause.

[0106] The grain, now what I wonder do I mean
by that, I mean ... (hesitates) ... I suppose
I mean those things worth having when all
the dust has–when all my dust has settled.
[0107] I close my eyes and try and imagine them.

[0108] Pause.[0109] Krapp closes his eyes briefly.

Segment 3

[0110] Extraordinary silence this evening, I strain
my ears and do not hear a sound.
[0111] Old Miss
McGlome always sings at this hour.
[0112] But
not tonight.
[0113] Songs of her girlhood, she says.
[0114] Hard to think of her as a girl.[0115] Wonderful
woman though.
[0116] Connaught, I fancy.

Segment 4

[0117] (Pause.)[0118] Shall I sing when I am her age, if
I ever am?
[0119] No.[0120] (Pause.)[0121] Did I sing as a
[0122] No.[0123] (Pause.)[0124] Did I ever sing?[0125] No.

Segment 5

[0126] Pause.

[0127] Just been listening to an old year, passages
at random.
[0128] I did not check in the book, but

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