Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0292] locks drawer, puts keys back in his pocket,
goes and sits down, takes reel off machine,
lays it on dictionary, loads virgin reel on
machine, takes envelope from his pocket,
consults back of it, lays it on table, switches
on, clears his throat and begins to record.

Segment 2

[0293] Just been listening to that stupid bastard
I took myself for thirty years ago, hard to
believe I was ever as bad as that.
[0294] Thank
God that's all done with anyway.
[0295] (Pause.)
[0296] The eyes she had![0297] (Broods, realizes he is
recording silence, switches off, broods.
[0298] Finally.)

Segment 3

[0299] Everything there, everything, all
[0300](Realizes this is not being recorded,
switches on.
[0301] Everything there, everything
on this old muckball, all the light and dark
and famine and feasting of ... (hesitates)
... the ages!
[0302] (In a shout.)[0303] Yes![0304] (Pause.)

Segment 4

[0305] Let that go![0306] Jesus![0307] Take his mind off his
[0308] Jesus![0309] (Pause.[0310] Weary.)[0311] Ah
well, maybe he was right.
[0312] (Pause.)[0313] Maybe
he was right.
[0314] (Broods.[0315] Realizes.[0316] Switches
[0317] Consults envelope.)[0318] Pah![0319] (Crumples
it and throws it away.
[0320] Broods.[0321] Switches

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