Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0065] blankly before him. [0065|001] Finally, softer.)
[0065|002] PPassim! [0082] (He turns back to
table, starts up machine, crouches
down over tape, cupping his ear ,
his face turned front.

Segment 2

[0083] Tape (strong young voice, unmistakably A's
at a much earlier time
[0084] This day,
being in the third - xxx

Segment 3

[0085] Settling himself more comfortably
A knocks a box off the table on to
the floor. He curses, stops the
machine, sweeps boxes and
ledger violently off the table,
turns [] [ADDITION]Addition on page 11vturns back tape to beginning starts up the machine again,
resumes his pose.

Segment 4

[0085|001] Tape This day This day, being in the
third -

Segment 5

[0085|002] The weight of boxes and ledger
off the table he feels it unsteady
on its legs, curses, stops the
machine, tries to steady it,
fails, gets up and carries it
laboriously towards front. This
brings him out of zone of light.

Segment 6

[0085|003] He sets down table in shadow,
goes back into for chair, carries
it to table and sits down in
shadow. The light moves
and comes to rest on him in
his new position.

Segment 7

[0085|004] He is now
say a yard or so from edge
of stage. He makes sure
the table is firmly on its
legs, turns back tape to
beginning, resumes his

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