Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0086] Tape. This day, being in the
third decade of the Ram,
I enter upon my 31st
year, sound apparently in wind and
limb, apart from my old
trouble, and intellectually,
I have little doubt, at the
height peak of my powers.

Segment 2

[0086|001] (Pause.
With fervour.
) May the all
all-merciful Providence -
(Pause. With fervour. Continues)

Segment 3

[0086|002] May
the star which shone on
my cradle in xxx Great

stood above my cradle bassinet in
North Great Georges Street
continue to burn, as heretofore,
in my breast and in my

Segment 4

[0086|003] (Pause. In a lower
.) In particular may I
be given the strength, in the
years coming years, to ...
(Hesitation. Finally, still lower.)
to drink less. (Pause.)Solemnly.)

Segment 5

[0086|004] In the
past year 12 months I spent, in l on licensed
premises alone, anything between from
seventeen and to nineteen hundred
hours. (Pause.) Nineteen Nineteen hundred
hours. (Pause.)

Segment 6

[0086|005] Oh I know, I know,
I have had these crises before, but
never at no time quite so acutely as today
this afternoon, sitting lying on the grass, in the park, in
the sun. (Pause.) What would help me
more than anything, I think, is a ...
[ADDITION]Addition on page 12va ... a fuller ... a more ... more natural ...
a more ... absorbing engrossing
(lowering his voice) ... sexual
life. (Pause.) [] [ADDITION]Addition on page 12vEnthusiastic. Intercourse! with real partners.

Segment 7

[0086|006] (Pause.) These nineteen hundred hours,
for example, if in the future instead of having of
spent them bibul spending them
bibulating, I were to spend them -

Segment 8

[0171] A stops the machine, then gets remains
motionless a moment, then gets up

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