Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0171] and goes backstage into shadow.
[0173] Noise of cork drawn with loud pop.
[0174] 10 seconds pause.[0175] Second cork.[0176] Ten
10 seconds pause.
[0177] Third cork.[0178] Ten
seconds pause
[0179] Sudden Brief burst of song
from A in shadow
[0179|001] Pause.

Segment 2

[0183] x In a
kind of shuffling dance he reenters
zone of light, from an unexpected
angle, say front right
, shuffles and
turns for a moment about the x
table, finally lets himself fall on
the chair
. After a moment he bends
over the tape, winds it forward
a little, starts up machine
, resumes
his listening attitude

Segment 3

[0183|001] Tape. - a moment in the life of all

Segment 4

[0086] Tape Thirty-seven today, sound apparently in
wind and limb, apart from my old
trouble, and intellectually, I have
little doubt, at the peak of my powers,
or thereabouts.
[0087] Celebrated the occasion,
as in xxx recent years, quietly at
the Winehouse.
[0088] No one there I knew.

Segment 5

[0089] Sat by the fire looking into the fire with closed eyes turning over in my mind
winnowing, out as it went
the grain from the chaff.
[0090] Jotted
down a few notes, on the back of
an envelope.
[0091] It is good to be home
again, in my old things.
[0097] The new
light above my desk is a great

Segment 6

[0098] With all this darkness
round me, I am less alone.
[0099] (Pause.)
[0100] In a way.[0101] (Pause.)[0102] I like to get
up and move about in it, then come
back here to...(he hesit he hesitates)... myself.
[0105] Pause.

Segment 7

[0106] The grain, what do I mean by that,
I mean ... (Pause.) I suppose I mean those

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