Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0184] is gone, with the old eyes to be, there is of
course xx the house on the canal where
mother died lay dying, in the early autumn,
after her long widowhood, and the

Segment 2

[0207] bench by the weir where I used to sit,
day after day, watching her window, xx wishing she were dead.
[0223] I was there when the blind went down,
throwing a ball for a dog I remember.

from where I could see her window.
[0208] I
used to sit there, day after day, wishing
she were dead gone.

Segment 3

[0210] Quite a number of
people I got to xx know then, by
appearances, nurses nursemaids and children,
old men, and dogs.

Segment 4

[0223] I was there
when the blind went down, throwing
a ball for a dog as xx xxx it
(A switches off, broods,
switches on again)
- the blind went
down, the throwing a ball for a dog
as it happened.
[0224] I xx looked up and
there it was.

Segment 5

[0226] I x sat on for a few
minutes with the []ball in my hand and dog barking and pawing at me.
[0233] Then I held out the ball to me it out to me him and
he took it in his mouth, very gently.
[0234] An old black tennis ball it was, all black
and sodden, but not punctured.
[0235] (Pause.)[0236] I wonder is that the kind of thing. how much there is there.

Segment 6

[0241] Pause
[0244] Creatively Intellectually a disheartening year year of discouragement until
that unforgettable day night in March, []at the end of the pier, [] [ADDITION]Addition on page 15vin the high wind when
I suddenly saw the whole thing.

Segment 7

[0246] This, is
what I have
I realized in the Winehouse,
is what I have chiefly to record this
evening against the day when all my
work is will be done and perhaps no place in my place
left in my memory for of the wonder that
made it possible
place left in my
memory, and no thankfulness
for the wonder that made it possible.

Segment 8

[0247] What I saw then was briefly this.
The principles on which had been
The assumption on which I had going

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