Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Krapp's Last Tape / La Dernière Bande


Segment 1

[0380] morning, in the snow, stop and listen
to the bells.
[0381] (Pause.)[0382] And so on.[0384] Be again. [0385] (Pause.)
[0386] All that old rubbish. [0387] (Pause.) [0388] Once
wasn't enough.
[0382] And so on.[0383] (Pause.)
[0386] All that old rubbish. [0387] (Pause.) [0384] Be again.
[0384] Be again.[0385] (Pause.)[0386] All that old rubbish rubbish.

Segment 2

[0387] (Pause.)[0388] Once wasn't enough.[0389] (Pause.)
[0390] Lie down across her.[0391] (Long pause.[0392] He
suddenly bends to the machine, switches off wrenches
off tape, throws it away, puts on the
other, winds it to the passage he wants,
switches on
, listens staring front.

Segment 3

[0393] Tape - gooseberries, she said.[0393|001] Etc.
[0408] Pause.
[0411] Past midnight,[0412] never knew such a
[0414] Pause.

Segment 4

[0415] Here I end this tape.[0418] Perhaps my
best years are over.
[0420] But I wouldn't want
them back.
[0421] Not with the fire in me now.
[0422] No, I wouldn't have them back.

[0423] A sits motionless staring before him.
[0424] The tape runs on in silence.

[0425] Curtain

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