Holy Bible: The Comprehensive Teacher's Bible
London: S. Bagster and Sons, n.d.
Notes: - corner of page 177 folded down; - small photograph postcard inserted at page 426 (Ecclesiastes vii — xii); - ribbon at 180 Revelation VII-XI
In the manuscript of En attendant Godot on page 05r, Lévy (Estragon) describes the maps of 'The Holy Land' in the Bible in a way that resembles the map in this copy. Beckett quotes from Deuteronomy (4:31), Nehemiah (9:31), Lamentations (3:22–3) and the Psalms / Proverbs (12:10) on page 04r of the second typescript of Not I, MS-UoR-1227-7-12-3.

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