Student library info The Student library info pertains to the period when Beckett was a student at Trinity College Dublin (1923-1927) and a lecturer at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and TCD (1928-1931). It explains when he is thought to have acquired and read the book in question, based on his inscription, as well as various external sources including the official TCD college calendars, his 'Dream' Notebook, and his letters.Read: by October 1931.
Given the speculative publication date, Beckett may have read this edition by the time he gave the TCD lectures.
Sources: Dirk Van Hulle and Mark Nixon, Samuel Beckett's Library, p. 123. The Letters of Samuel Beckett, vol. I, 1929-1940, p. 79.
Dostoievski, Fjodor: Souvenirs de la maison des morts
Paris: Librairie Plon, 1930
39th ed.
M. Neyroud (translation)
Notes: date is speculative

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