Sainte Bible
New York: Société Biblique Américaine, 1874
David Martin (ed.)
Notes: small scraps of paper inserted page 131 (Numbers V) and 191 (Deut. XXIII-IV)
Beckett quotes verse 13:24 from the Book of Proverbs ('Celui qui ménage sa verge hait son fils' – 'He that spareth his rod hateth his son') in a (later omitted) passage from the French manuscript of Malone meurt on page 63r, and quotes Genesis 1:10 on page 67r of the same manuscript. He quotes from Martin's translation of Lamentations (3:22–3) on page 06r and page 07r of the second manuscript of Pas moi, MS-UoR-1396-4-26, and from 2 Corinthiens (13:13), on page 05r of the first typescript of Pas, MS-BC-1991001-12-24-1. He quotes from Jean 9:4 on page 14r of the 'Petit Odéon' Notebook, MS-UoR-2927.

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