Student library info The Student library info pertains to the period when Beckett was a student at Trinity College Dublin (1923-1927) and a lecturer at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and TCD (1928-1931). It explains when he is thought to have acquired and read the book in question, based on his inscription, as well as various external sources including the official TCD college calendars, his 'Dream' Notebook, and his letters.Read: by October 1927.
For the Moderatorship examination, Beckett was free to choose any of the histories on Italian literature by de Sanctis, Hauvette or Scherillo. His copy of de Sanctis' Storia was bought in May 1927 in Florence.
Source: TCD College Calendar
de Sanctis, Francesco: Storia della letteratura italiana, Vol. 2
Bari: Gius. Laterza & Figli, 1925
Benedetto Croce (ed.)
Notes: - Inscription of second volume has not been scanned — the paper is creased and crumpled and the inscription hardly legible; both volumes are also very brittle, and on the verge of falling apart. - Two National Library slips inserted in volume 2 page 222, both for books on Aubanal, one by Welter, the other by Legré. No date given.
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