Student library info The Student library info pertains to the period when Beckett was a student at Trinity College Dublin (1923-1927) and a lecturer at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and TCD (1928-1931). It explains when he is thought to have acquired and read the book in question, based on his inscription, as well as various external sources including the official TCD college calendars, his 'Dream' Notebook, and his letters.Read: by May 1924.
Source: TCD College Calendar
Spenser, Edmund: The Faerie Queene, Vol. II
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1922
Lilian Winstanley (ed.)
Location: The private collection of Terence Killeen
Inscription: 'S. Beckett / Trinity College, Dublin / 1924'
Notes: The BDMP owes a debt of gratitude to Terence Killeen for drawing our attention to these two volumes and for making them available to the project.
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