Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

For how could one having once found himself in
such a place & then

Segment 2

& took comfort in the thought that having
somehow left it once he could somehow
leave it again.

Segment 3

Not yet there then where never till then
nor once out if ever out either if out

Segment 4

No matter what it was it were to end no matter
where what mattered was to end. And for
x cries to end and endless time.
For him to
end & with him cries

Segment 5

namely not stir

Addition 1
[0115] There then for some time so far as he knew where never
till then and so far as he could in see in
every direction ? when he raised his head or opened his eyes no danger or hope as
the case might be of ever getting out
(of it).
[0116] Was he then now to put his best foot
press on regardless now in one direction now in
another or on the other hand stay where he
was as the case might be that is as that
one word might be which if pejorative such
as sad or bad then of course in spite of all
the one & if the reverse the other that is stir no more.
Addition 2
? when he raised his head or opened his eyes
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