Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

[0001] As one night he sat with his head on his hands he
saw himself rise and go.
[0013] First rise & stand clinging
to the table.
[0014] Then in the end sit again.[0015] Then in the end
rise again & stand again clinging to the table again.
[0016] Then
in the end go.
[0017] Begin to go.[0018] On unseen feet[0019] so slow that
only change of [ADDITION]Addition on page 1vhis changing place to show he moves.

Segment 2

Where are you?
Here. (P.) At the window. (P.) The snow has ceased.
The what?
The snow.
Come & read to me.

Segment 3

That Shakespeare sonnet we once so used to loved.
You mean "No longer weep ..."
What? (P.) No longer what?
Weep. (P.) No longer weep ..."
No no.
We loved used to love it too.
Yes, but not now. tonight this evening.

Segment 4

"Let me not to -"
Yes. "Let me not to -" How did it go on?
I can't remember. have forgotten.
We used to know it by heart. One would say the first quatrain,
then the other the second.
Then the one the next ... what do
you call it.
third. Then the other the geegee

Segment 5

The first triplet, then the other the second
Then together right through.
Our eyes in our eyes.
We used to call it the geegee.
The couplet. We used to call it the geegee.

Segment 6

Bare room
Downstage off centre left a wooden bench 2 m. long.
In the wall right midstage right a small window.
Backst upstage off centre.
Subdued light on bench & window as space before window. Rest
of stage in darkness.
Right as L & R as from audience

Segment 7

W seated bolt erect on left extremity of bench.
Rigid throughout.
M bolt erect befor before window, looking out.
Both dressed in their best for the solemn occasion.

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