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Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

[0001] One night as he sat at his table head on hands he
saw himself rise and go.
[0002] One day or night.[0003] For When
his own light went out he was not left in the dark.
[0004] For lLight of a kind came then from the one
window set high in the wall.
[0005] Under it a stool
on which until he could or would no longer more he
used to mount to see the sky.

Segment 2

[0006] Why he did not
crane out to see what lay below beneath was because the
window did wd. not open or because he would not
open it.
[0007] Perhaps he knew only too well what
lay below beneath & did not wish to see it ever again.
[0008] So he would simply stand there high above
the earth on the stool with his hands flat against
the wall & see through the clouded pane the
cloudless sky.

Segment 3

[0009] Its faint & unchanging light
unlike any light he could remember from the
days & nights when day followed on night &
night on day.
[0010] This light from without then
such as it was became his only light till it
in its turn went out & left him in the dark.
[0011] Till it in its turn went out.[0012] One day day or
night then as he sat at his table head on hands
he saw himself rise & go.
[0013] First rise & stand
clinging to the table.
[0014] Then sit again.[0015] Then rise again
& stand clinging to the table again.

Segment 4

[0016] Then start
to go.
[0018] On unseen feet to go.[0019] So slow that only
change of place to show he went.
[0020] As when he
disappeared only to reappear again at another
later at another place.
[0021] x Then disappeared
again only to reappear again later at another
place again again.
[0022] So again & again disappeared disappeared
again only to reappear again at another place again.
[0023] Another place in the place where he sits sat at
his table head on hands.

Segment 5

[0024] The same place & table
as when D Darly for example died went and left him went [ADDITION]Addition on page 3vdied on & left him .
[0025] As when others before & since.[0026] As when others
would too in their turn & leave him till he too
in his turn.
[0027] Head on hands half hoping when
he disappeared again that he would not reappear
again & half fearing that he would not.
[0028] Or merely
[0028] Wondering if he would or would not.
[0029] Or merely waiting.[0030] Waiting to see if he would
or would not.
[0031] Leave him or not alone again
waiting for nothing again.

Segment 6

[0032] Seen always from behind whithersoever he goes.
[0032] Whitherwardsoever.[0033] Same hat & coat as of old
when he walked the roads.
[0034] The back roads.[0035] And now
then now as one in a strange place seeking the way
[0036] Some way In the dark.[0037] In a strange
place blindly in the dark of day or night seeking
the way out.
[0038] A way out.[0039] To the roads.[0040] The back roads.
[0041] A clock afar struck the hours & half hours.[0042] The
same as when among others Darly once went and

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Date 1
Feb. 85
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