Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

[0042] left him died on him & left him.
[0043] Strokes now clear as if carried by
the wind and now faint in the still air.
[0044] Cries afar
now faint now clear.
[0045] Head on hands half hoping
when the hour came that the half hour would not
would and half fearing that it would not.
[0046] Similarly when the half hour came.

Segment 2

[0047] Similarly
when the cries a moment ceased.
[0048] Or merely
[0049] Or merely waiting.[0050] Waiting to hear.
[0051] There had been a time he would lift his head
enough to see his hands.
[0053] One laid on the table.
The other laid on it.
[0054] At rest after all they did.
[0055] Lift it his past head a moment to see those past hands.
[0056] Then lay it back on them to rest it too.
[0057] After all it did.

Segment 3

[0058] The same place as when they went & left him. The
as when left day after day for the roads.
[0059] The back
[0060] Returned to night after night.[0061] Paced back
& forth
from wall to wall in the dark.
[0062] The passing dark of night.[0063] Now
as if strange to him he saw seen to rise as seen and start
to go.
[0064] Disappear to & reappear again & again
at another place.
[0065] Disappear again & reappear
again at another place again.
[0066] Or at the same.

Segment 4

[0067] Nothing to show not the same.[0068] No wall toward which
or from.
[0069] No table back toward which or further from.
[0070] In that same now wallless place as when
paced from wall to wall all places as the same.
[0071] Or in another.[0072] Nothing to show not another.

Segment 5

[0073] Where never. before.[0074] Rise & start to go in
the same place as ever.
[0075] Disappear & reappear
in another where never.
[0076] Nothing to show
not another where never.
[0077] Nothing but the
[0078] The cries.[0079] The same as ever.

Segment 6

[0080] Till so many strokes and so many cries since he last disappeared
that perhaps he would not reappear be seen again.
[0081] Then so many cries since the clock last struck
that perhaps it would not strike be heard again.
[0082] But Leaving Leaving nothing to suggest when the cries last ceased
that perhaps sole sound even they too would not be heard again.

Segment 7

[0083] Thus perhaps the end.[0084] Unless no more than a mere lull.
[0085] Then all as before.[0086] The strokes & cries as before & he
as before now there now gone now there again now
gone again.
[0087] Then the lull yet again.[0088] Then all as before
[0089] So on again & again.[0090] And patience till the one true end
to time & grief & self & second self his own.

Addition 1
his past head
Addition 2
from wall to wall
Addition 3
Date 1
July 86
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