Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

Could the old creature have known & so not known
he would not have known what known and so not known what
he will now be said not to know by one have known
by and not known by one said for convenience
to have been with him to the end

Segment 2

[0091] As if as one in his right mind senses when at last he
again went out
he at last went was out again
he was not long out again when he began to
wonder if he was in his right mind senses.
[0092] For
if not postulated thus he could hardly thus could he have
wondered thus or indeed at all? Could one
out of his mind be reasonably said to wonder
if he was not out of his mind and bring what
is is more his reason to bear on this initial
perplexity in the way he must be said to do
if he is to be said at all?

Segment 3

[0092|001] Clearly not.
[0093] It was therefore necessarily perforce in the guise of
a reasonable being that for some unknown reason beyond his
he could not grasp he emerged at last from his long
seclusion into the open air outer world and had
not been there more than five or six hours
by the clock when he could not but begin
to wonder if he was in his right mind.

Segment 4

[0094] By the same clock whose strokes were
familiar those heard times without number
in his retreat seclusion and as it struck the hours
and half hours and so in a sense of at first a
source of reassurance. Till finally one
of disquiet alarm as being no louder clearer now nor than
indeed faster as he in the open came or went this way and
that & to and fro than when he was (found)
fixed within the deadening walls.
And indeed or on the contrary for that reason no fainter
as in the clear open he came and went than
to his past (and motionless within the deadening walls).

But come & go as he might and so in
principle drew closer to the clock or from
it further away wherever it was or from
it further away the strokes were still there the same in all respects
now clear now faint as
when in principle
deadened by his four walls.

Segment 5

[0095] Then he called
to his help the image of one hastening westward
at sundown to obtain a better view of
Venus Hesperus and found it of none.
[0096] [ADDITION]Addition on page 5vOr the clear way of which he could think of no example. Of the single sole
other sound namely that is that of cries so long
enlivener of his solitude as lost to
suffering he sat at his table head on
hands the same was true that is namely now
the no
no clearer now with only the sky above
now under the sky than then and now as then
now faint in the still air now clear as if carried
by the wind but no wind.

Date 1
August 85
Date 2
Sept. 85
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