Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

As late as the last hours of wish & wonder he
would sometimes wonder.
Faintly wonder whether
it was night or day.
was it day or night.
Yet another night day or yet
another day night.
Faintly wish for a clock to str a
clock to strike thirteen instead of one again.
Unlike the one he cannot but still hears afar.
It'll Its strokes now clear as if windborne. And
carried by the wind now faint in the still air.

Segment 2

His end may be xxx told in various ways more than one way.
No One way would not be enough.
Each tale of his end takes off with good prospects
No words for his end

Segment 3

Some of the attempts to tell his end.
Hereinbelow scenes snippets from his close.

Here ends snippet one.

Segment 4

With or without change of voice after the hiatus.
Of the ceiling for example to mention
only it only a small area
can be seen from where he lies.
with what almost infinite
shades of feeling.

Segment 5

Of what infinite shades of feeling by these & other means general means & others
This simple set of words susceptible!.
How variously the corner turned!. The seat seen!.
With what gamut variety of emotions if not with more the corner
The seat seen. The pause if any
fraught between the two acts.

Segment 6

Ex. too of how by me by means of a move pause where
none expected warranted
hiatus an unwarranted hiatus as for ex., Mr K etc ...
& saw his seat, or, MrK etc ... saw ...
his seat, the simplest set of words statement
x may x be made to mean not
only merely more or less than it was meant to
mean but other.
Particularly when
the hiatus prolonged beyond reason
resumption delayed beyond all reason.

Segment 7

Like that of a last breath long after
pious fingers have closed the eyes.
Further to the confusion the vagrancies
of tone & tempo or the switch at any
shape point from one voice to the other.
How elusive various thus this simple
set of words!
How variously With what choice of emotions sensations the corner
The seat seen! The suspense
charged between the 2 operations!
Last breath resumed long after the
eyelids closed.

Addition 1
general means & others
Addition 2
or less
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