Samuel Beckett
Digital Manuscript Project
Stirrings Still / Soubresauts


Segment 1

[0001] One night at his table head on hands he sees himself rise
and go.
[0013] First rise and stand clinging to the table.[0014] Then sit
[0015] Then rise again and stand again clinging to the table
[0016] Then go.[0017] Start to go.[0018] Head on hands sees him rise as
said and start uon unseen feet to go.
[0019] So slow that only change
of place to show he goes.
[0020] As when he disappears to reappear
later at another place.

Segment 2

[0021] Then disappears again to reappear again
al later at another place again.
[0022] So again and again disappears
again to reappear again later at another place again.
[0023] Another
place in the place where he sits at his table head on hands.
[0024] The same place and table as when for example Darley once died & left him.
[0025] As when others a few others a good few some others before him and since.[0026] As when others some a few some others will till
he too. dies & leaves him.
[0027] Head on hands half hoping half fearing when he disappears again that that he
will may will may will not reappear again and half fearing lest that he may will not.

Segment 3

[0028] Or merely
wondering. Wondering if he will or not.
[0029] Or merely waiting.[0030] Waiting
to see if he will or not.
[0031] [Let or leave him or not alone again
head on hands[Stet.] unwaiting.
[0032] Seen always from behind whithersoever
on unseen feet ungoing he goes.
[0032] Whitherwardsoever.[0033] Same hat and
coat as of old when he walked the roads.
[0034] The back roads.[0035] And now
as one in a strange place seeking the way out.
[0036] In the dark.[0037] In the
dark in a strange place seeking the way out.
[0012] So head on hands at his
one night he sees himself go.
[0017] Start to go.[0037] In a strange place
blindly in the dark of night seeking the way out.
[0038] A way out.[0039] To the
[0040] The back roads.

Segment 4

[0041] Afar a clock strikes the hours and half hours.[0042] The same as when
for example McKee among others Darly once died & left him.
[0043] Strokes now clear as if carried by the
wind. Now fainyt in the still air.
[0044] Cries afar now faint now clear.
[0045] Head on hands half hoping when the hour comes that that the half hour
will not and half fearing lest that it may will not.
[0046] Similarly when the half
hour comes.
[0047] Similarly when the cries a moment cease.[0048] Or merely wondering.
[0049] Or merely waiting.[0050] Waiting to hear.

Segment 5

[0051] There was a time he would lifet lift his head enough to see his
[0054] At rest after all they did.[0054|001] All the harm they did.[0054|002] The little good.
[0055] Lift it to look a moment upon those past hands.[0055|001] Harmless helpless hands.[0053] One clenched resting
on the table. The other open resting on it.
[0056] Then lower sink it back to rest
it too.
[0057] After all it did.

Segment 6

[0058] The same place as wghen they died and left him. Left day after day
for the roads.
[0060] Returned to night after night.[0061] Paced to and fro and back
and forth in the dark.
[0063] But Now strange to the self he sees rise as said and
[0063|001] He reappears again against a wall.[0063|002] His hands on the wall as one
the table and his head on his hands.
[0063|003] First station so far on his search
for a way out.
[0063|004] So far seen.[0063|005] While still thus he disappears again.
So in his that head on his those hands so far he goes. It goes. No

Addition 1
a good few some
Addition 2
dies & leaves him.
Addition 3
Addition 4
Addition 5
among others Darly
Addition 6
Harmless helpless hands.
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